Goizper IK

Goizper IK

Goizper IK Sprayers are industrial sprayers, specially constructed from high-grade plastics and glass fibre with Viton (R) seal material. They are designed to withstand aggressive chemicals that can attack many of the component materials in standard sprayers.

Typically chemicals such as alkaline degreasers/traffic film removers, acid descalers, cleaners and sanitisers, brick cleaning acids and descalers, iodine, chlorine and phenol-based disinfectants corrode components in standard sprayers


Cleaning: application of detergents, disinfectants, polishes, shampoos, descalers and acids

Construction: application of mould release agents, stripping substances, descaling agents, waterproofing substances, curing agents, sealants, densifiers, coolants for cutting tools, machinery maintenance etc.

Automotive: application of degreasers, rim cleaners, insect remover, coolants for cutting tools, window cleaning, upholstery cleaners etc.

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