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Pump Oil for High Pressure Pumps HIT-O EXTEND/15W40

Pump Oil for High Pressure Pumps HIT-O EXTEND/15W40

SAE 15W/40 pump oil. 1 Litre. Suitable for high pressure pumps

Multigrade oil for gasoline engines


HIT-O EXTEND 15W40 is a lubricant made with severely refined mineral paraffinic oils with a package of additives at high technology content. It is a multigrade oil for passenger cars and van with gasoline or diesel engines , it is suitable for catalyst systems.


HIT-O EXTEND 15W40 assures :

Very high viscosity index for excellent lubrication with severe environmental conditions. Strong detergent and dispersant power that keeps the combustion residue dispersed. Excellent antioxidant properties: that allow long drain periods limiting ageing problems

Specifications: API SJ/CF-4;ACEA A2/B2 ;MB 229.1; VW 501.01/505.00(11/92)



Density a 20°C Viscosity at 40°C Viscosity at100°C Viscosity index Pour point

SAE 15W40

Kg/m3 874 cSt 110 cSt 15 ---- 145 °C -30

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