Flojet Pumps

Flojet Pumps

Flojet Pumps. Established since 1975 as a manufacturer of special application pumps with an initial focus on the emerging cleaning machine market, xylem Flojet has blossomed into a leading global supplier of small pumps, motors and dispensing pumps for a variety of industries.

Jabsco, Flojet and Rule - Xylem are worldwide leading manufactures of products for the leisure marine market including water systems, engine cooling pumps, searchlights and marine systems. Jabsco and Flojet also offers industrial pumps for hygienic applications, fluid transfer in chemical processing, laboratory, paint processing, plating, and construction.

Generation after generation of outdoor enthusiasts has counted on the reliability of Jabsco, Flojet and Rule products. These brands represent xylem commitment to provide the most powerful and longest-lasting pumps in the world. Xylem don't compromise on quality, and neither should you


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