GEOline GFM25 Foam Marker and Accessories

GEOline GFM25 Foam Marker and Accessories

Tecomec Geoline GFM25 Foam Marker and Accessories

Drops ‘blobs’ of foam across a field on either side of the sprayer booms so the operator can clearly see where they have been and avoid going over the same area twice, avoiding wastage of chemicals/fertilizer. After a period of time the foam safely disperses.

GFM 25 foam marker suitable for all kind of equipments, recently improved: new tank design including level indicator and handle to improve the fill-in procedures. 

New switch compact electric box including swivel support, blade fuse and working led.

Tank cap with plastic safety valve and no-return diaghram high-sensible valve.

Foam diffusers with removable double sponges, flexible and resistants.

Hoses and all necessary parts are included in the kit for the best reliable and easy assembly.

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