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Garden Pumps

Garden Pumps

Cast Iron Garden Courtyard Hand Pumps, Cast iron Tea Pot Style Town Square Hand Pumps, Cast Iron Pitcher Pumps Sink Type, Western Style Horse Trough Pumps, Cast Iron Nostalgic Rose Design Antique Style Pumps, Standing Tap Displays, Wall Tap Displays and Cast Iron Basins. Suction Hose Kits, Spare Leather Seals and Plungers. 

Ideal as an ornamental water feature in a garden, courtyard and town squares with the added bonus of that these pumps really work. Leather seals and traditional check valves make these well made water pumps actually pump water. Very elegant ornamental garden or courtyard pumps, stunning focal points. 


Please note when you receive your new Cast Iron Water Pump, it will be primer paint and will need a coat of metal paint with your preferred finished colour. 

All joints, including hose barbs should be made using PTFE tape.

Hose clamps and hose tails should be firmly secured.

Insert a hose tail into the bottom of the pump as shown in the diagram.

Push the suction pipe over the hose barb and securely tighten the hose clamp.

If using a foot valve, insert a hose tail into the valve, then push the hose barb into the end of the suction pipe that is going into the water and securely tighten the hose clamp.

If using an extension base, pass the end of the hose through the base and bolt the pump to the base using the 4 bolts and nuts. Position the pump and or the pump and base, mark the fixing points, drill the holes and using adequate fixings (Not supplied) securely fix the pump to the ground. When the pump is fixed securely and the suction pipe is in the water, prime the pump by pouring water through the slot in the top plate where the connecting rod passes through.

Once this is done, gently pull the handle up and down until water pumps out. 

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