Pentair Hypro

Pentair Hypro

Pentair Hypro Pumps - Agricultural, Horticultural and Industrial Spraying. 

Hypro Roller Vane Pumps have rollers that revolve inside the pump housing forcing the spray solution out to the nozzle. Hypro roller pumps are adaptable to PTO, petrol engines and electric motors.

Hypro Centrifugal Pumps uses chemical spraying and transfer applications. These pump models include - PTO Gear Driven Pumps, Pedestal Mounted Pumps, Hydraulic Motor and Belt Driven Pumps, as well as models that are closed-coupled to petrol engines.

Hypro Twin Piston Pumps uses spraying, pressure cleaning and hydrostatic testing. Piston pumps for fluid handling of water and non-abrasive or general use chemicals. 

Hypro Hydraulically Driven Pressure Washer Pumps and Pressure Washers are ideally suited for remote and explosion-proof areas where electricity cannot be used.

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