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STEELPUMPS E V O L U T I O N. Manufactures of water pumps, for domestic and industrial use entirely made in Stainless Steel. STEELPUMPS are the first Company in the world to create UP-DOWN Technology products for a surface or submersed installation, without additional external devices.

STEELPUMPS supply a range of innovative clean water pumps, oil pumps, marine (seawater) pumps and related products. STEELPUMPS pumps are assembled in Italy from entirely EU sourced components.  Each pump is individually tested during production so that each STEELPUMPS product meets the high standards you would expect of an Italian made pump.

The majority of STEELPUMPS are available with a advanced electronic pump control module. This is built into the pump itself and switches the pump on and off as required to maintain pressure in the discharge line. In addition the control module provides dry run protection and leak detection.

All of STEELPUMPS use strong, durable materials, with the PRO series being housed entirely in stainless steel, with strong brass supporting flanges. Water cooled motors provide far superior cooling than air or oil cooled pumps in enclosed or warm areas, providing for reliable operation in plant rooms and cabinets. STEELPUMPS do not need to be submerged to operate safely.

Most of STEELPUMPS are available in Automatic as well as Manual versions. Automatic pumps include an in-built electronic pump control module which switches the pump on and off as required to maintain pressure in the discharge pipe. No external pressure controller is needed. Also included are safeguards such as dry run protection with automatic restart intervals, leak detection, and anti-blocking. These advanced features make Automatic Steelpumps a class leading product for water delivery applications such as rainwater harvesting, washdown, pressure boosting and irrigation.

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