About Puddle Pumps / Puddle Suckers

About Puddle Pumps / Puddle Suckers

What are Puddle Pumps / Puddle Suckers

Puddle Pumps or Puddle Suckers are submersible pumps which can drain down to a very low level, our pumps range from 3mm down to as low as 1mm. These Residue Water Drainage Pumps can be fully or partially submerged. They are mainly manually operated (pumps without float switches) but can be made to operate automatically by using a capacitive water sensor and control unit or our Crab low level float switch with adjustable delay.


Puddle Sucker Pumps are used for draining of residue flood water or rain water from flat roofs, car parks, sumps, cellars, basements, crawl spaces, pools, puddles and other flat surfaces. Ideal for draining of flood water down to approximately 1mm and then the remaining flood water can be swept into the pump for removal.

Buy Puddle Sucker Pumps

We supply a wide range of these residue water drainage pumps, puddle suckers. Click on links below to see more details or to purchase these pumps.

Puddle Sucker Budget Pumps. 

Puddle Sucker Pumps with Horizontal or Vertical Discharge.

Puddle Sucker Stainless Steel Pumps Top Discharge.

Puddle Sucker Pumps with Integrated Auto Stop/ Start Switches.

Puddle Sucker Pumps that can be converted to a Normal Submersible Pump (2 in 1 Pump).

Puddle Sucker Pump Accessories

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