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  • About All Pumps Direct UK
    All Pumps Direct has been suppling many different industries with high quality pumps since established in 2006 and has grown remarkably by supplying a wide range of pumps to meet many different kinds of applications. These Include High Pressure Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps, Submersible Pumps, Diaphragm Pumps, Roller Vane Pumps, Gear Pumps, Swimming Pool Pumps, Engine Driven Pumps and Diesel Transfer Pumps. Pump Accessories and Replacement Spare Parts.
  • Interpump High Pressure Pumps
    Visit our sister website to purchase all our Interpump and Pratissoli Products, these include Interpump High Pressure Plunger Pumps, Interpump Service / Repair Kits, Interpump Spare Parts, Interpump Gearboxes, Valves, Wash Guns, Nozzles, Couplings, Swivels, Injectors, Foam Heads, Pulsation Dampeners, Switches, Controllers, Inlet and Suction Filters. We have designed this website specifically for easy ordering of these products.
  • JS Pump Submersible Pumps
    Visit our sister website to purchase our whole range of JS Pumps. JS Submersible Water Drainage Pumps, JS RS Submersible Water Feature Pumps, JS RSD 400 Pumps Puddle Suckers. JS SV Submersible Sewage Vortex Impeller Pumps, JS SK Submersible Sewage Shredder Pumps, JS GS Submersible Sewage Grinder Pumps. You can also purchase JS Pump Accessories and JS Pump Replacement Spare Parts

Featured Products

RSD 400 Pump Residue Water Drainage Pump 230v 180 LPM 11 HM

JS Pump - RSD 400 Residue Water Drainage Pump (Pud..

Koshin Ponstar PB Pump Automatic Submersible Water Drainage Pump 230v 290 Lpm 10 Hm

Koshin Ponstar PB55022 Pump Automatic Submersible ..

Flojet R3521134A Triplex High Flow Demand Diaphragm Pump  3.4 Bar 11 Lpm 12v

Flojet R3521134A Triplex Hi Flow Demand ..

Hypro 7560C Roller Vane Pump 20.7 Bar 85 Lpm

Hypro 7560C Roller Vane Pump 20.7 Bar 85 Lpm 85 L..

GMP B2KQ/A 2757 (HGM2) Pump 230v 390 Lpm 16 Hm

GMP B2KQA 2757 (HGM2) Pump 230v 390 Lpm 16 Hm. ..