Zenit Pumps, Oxyplate and Oxtube Air Diffusers Zenit Air Diffusers

Zenit Pumps Oxyplate. High performance, membrane diffusers for municipial and industrial water treatment. Designed for installation in oxidation tanks in civil and industrial systems, they are filled with a perforated membrane to allow passage of fine or medium sized bubbles. Easy to install with either the whole diffuser or just the membrane, being quickly replaceable in an existing plant.
Zenit Pumps Oxytube. Recommended for installation in active sludge plants, aerobic digesters, reservoirs and aquaculture in general, with a 2" 63mm diameter for optimum performance, Greater diameter ensures that a larger surface area is in contact with liquid, reducing the phenomenon of coalescence. Quick, convenient anchorage to the main pipe guarantees simple, economical plant construction. 

Application include sewage works, industrial treatment plants, food processing plants, retrofit into existing plants, aquaculture and landfill.