Nocchi VSD Variable Speed Pressure Booster Sets Nocchi VSD Variable Speed Pressure Booster Sets

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    The frequency control enables the delivery of variable flow at constant pressure by automatically reducing or increasing the motor speed according to water demand. When the maximum flow rate of the first pump is reached, the control system runs at pump at is maximum speed.  If the first pump is not enough, the second inverter starts the second pump in order to maintain the desired operating pressure. The unit automatically stops when water demand is over and the system reaches the set point.
     In the event of a fault, the display will show the cause of the system shutdown, Booster sets operated by VSD1 Inverters enable the cyclical changeover of pumps.
     VSD booster sets are the ideal solution in applications characterized by a need for variable flow at constant pressure
- Water supply systems, Pressure boosting, Washing systems, Irrigation

Pre-built versions are avaliable to order, including: Nocchi Multinox, Nocchi Max, Nocchi Multinox VE & VLR. For more data, prices please contact our sales team, who will forward detailed information on the models available.

Nocchi Pump Set VSD 20 Multinox VE
Nocchi Pump Sets VSD 20 Max
Nocch Pump Sets VSD 20 VLR