Tesla Idea 4" Borehole Pumps Tesla Idea 4" 100M Borehole Pumps


  Idea 4" 100M Borehole Pumps by Tesla Submersible Pumps

Tesla Idea 100M 4" Borehole Pumps Submersible pumps with AISI 304 stainless steel casing, the pump is designed for solving locking problems in cast iron pumps. The canned stator ensures maximum reliability of operation and maintanance. In the single phase version pump provide high starting torque. The connecter cable can easily be removed. Cooling of the pump is ensured by the pumped liqued. Impeller made of brass, motor shaft made of AISI 304 and mechanical seal made of graphite/alumina. Pumps designed for pumping clean, non aggressive water free of solid bodies or fibres. Pumps with 10 metres of H05W-F. The single-phase version is equipped with the capacitor.

  • Insulation class F
  • Degree of protection IP68
  • Max liquid temperature 35 degrees C
  • Voltage tolerance +6% /-10%
  • Max working depth 20m
  • IDEA pumps are provided with removable power cable. This solution allows fast assembly/disassembly of the hydraulic part and facilitates maintainance operations
  • Encapsulated stator with AISI 304 casing. The stator has 24 slots for better elasicity and regularity of operation. Class H double insulated copper wires
  • Running capacitor inserted in a study case made of high density plastic material electrically isolated

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Tesla 4 Pump Hydraulic Performance Chart

Tesla 4 Pump Hydraulic Performance Chart