Tesla Diver 6" Borehole Pumps Tesla Diver 6" 150M, 200M, 200T, 100HF, 150HF, 200HF, Borehole Pumps


  6" Borehole Pumps by Tesla Submersible Pumps

Tesla Diver Borehole Pumps Multistage submersible pumps with outer AISI 304 stainless steel casing, encapsulating stator filled with inert gas avoiding the inflation of the inner casing and damages to rotor and shaft. This technology ensures that the motor can allways be repaired. Cooling of the pump is ensured by the pumped liquid. The radial centrifugal impellers and diffusers are made of Noryl chared with fibre glass with stainless steel anti-wear ring: motor shaft made of AISI 304 and silicon carbide mechanical seal on the pump side and sealing ring on the motor side with oil chamber for lubrication and cooling of seal surfaces. Pumps designed for pumping clean, non-aggressive water free of solid bodies or fibres.. Pumps supplied with 10 metres of H07RN-F cable.

  • Diver pumps are provided with removable cable connector. This solution allows fast assembly/disassembly of the hydraulic part and facilitates maintainance operations
  • Encapsulated stator with AISI 304 stainless steel outer casing
  • Shaft end made of AISI 304. Mechanical seal made of silicon carbide  

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Tesla Diver Pump Hydraulic Performance Chart

Tesla Diver Pump Hydraulic Performance Chart