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TESLA is a world wide leader manufacturer of 3", 4" and 6" submersible motors canned type and re-windable type. Experience, quality, technology innovation and flexibility oriented to the customer needs are the targets of Tesla, a fully independent company.

TESLA was born in 1990, arising from the separation of a previous company, with a twenty-five year experience in the field of submersible motors.

The Company target was the concentration and specialisation in the manufacture of canned type submersible motors (as well as submersible pumps).

Firstly divided in two different production plants (windings, machining and assembling), in 1998 the whole production has been transferred in a new industrial plant of 4.200 covered sqm. (surface tripled respect the previous one) on a total overall 14.000 sqm. site.

Starting from the begin of its activity TESLA distinguished itself by its large know-how.

This characteristic leads TESLA to acquire reliability: a valid heritage where based, with safety, the futures developments.

Not only: fair trading, seriousness, punctuality, as well as the capacity in supplying high quality products in a short time, are other characteristic marking out TESLA's way to work.

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