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High Quality Suction Delivery HoseHigh Quality Suction Delivery HoseHigh quality suction delivery hose for pumps, pressure and vacuum resistance. A semi transparent Suction hose suitable for most pumping duties temprerature range -10 to +60 Easy to handle , light and flexible supplied in cut lengths up to the maximum coil size of 50 metres Resistant to crushing. Light chemicals and fertilizers. A high quality all round hose. Sunny Layflat Delivery HosesSunny Layflat Delivery HosesSilver Line ® is suitable for forced feed applications from pumps Uses green house mini-sprinkler, spreading of liquid chemicals, pressurized washing and cleaning of ships and cars, watering down athletic grounds or construction sites, and irrigation of terraced fields with gear-pumps. Sunnyhose® It is designed for temporary water supply or drainage, for drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation at farms. The large diameter Sunnyhose, 250 ~ 400mm, is ideal for use as drainage hose in emergency HI-Sunny Layflat Delivery HosesHI-Sunny Layflat Delivery HosesHi-Sunnyhose® With an inside diameter of 40mm to 200mm, the working pressure of this hose in the range of 4-7kg/cm2 is higher then that of the regular Sunnyhose. This hose is appropriate for use as a drainage hose with moving sprinklers on ranches, fields, golf courses, and otherwise open areas, as well as for use with sprinkler irrigation systems. Even at low pressures, this hose should be used because of its strength and durability if there are high incidences of damage. Suction Delivery Hose KitsSuction Delivery Hose KitsKit contains high quality suction delivery hose, Sunny layflat hose, hose clips & cam lever-lock couplings.
Fuel Oil HoseFuel Oil HoseOil resistant hose for pumping fuel oil diesel and other hydrocarbon based fluids. 10 Bar Industrial Rubber Hoses10 Bar Industrial Rubber Hoses10 bar rubber water suction/delivery hose assemblies wire armoured hoses with CW couplings. (interchangeable lever-lock couplings) High Pressure Irrigation HoseHigh Pressure Irrigation HoseA twin wall hose with a reinforced polyester braiding between the inner and outer layer. Very flexible and suitable for pressure irrigation from pumped systems… Max pressure rating 8 bar Burst rating 24 bar Tubiflex Flexible Braided HosesTubiflex Flexible Braided HosesFlexible braided hose for pressure boosting units, pumps & tanks/vessels, spare hoses for Nocchi Waterpress Inox, Nocchi Waterpress Superinox, Flotec Purapress, Flotec Gardenpress & other single pressure boosting units.
Nocchi Hose Suction Kits for Jet PumpsNocchi Hose Suction Kits for Jet PumpsNocchi KA-4 & 7 metre 1" Hose Suction Kit. Complete with plastic footvalve and strianer. For use with self priming jet pumps. Nocchi KA-4 & 7 metre 1¼" Hose Suction Kit. Complete with brass footvalve and stainless steel strainer. For use with self priming jet pumps. Spare hose part for Flotec Garden Jetinox 1000 pump Hose Suction Kit for Cast Iron Ornamental Garden Hand PumpsHose Suction Kit for Cast Iron Ornamental Garden Hand PumpsFootvalve package for cast iron ornamental garden hand pumps, containing brass footvalve, 7m suction hose, male hose tails & hose clips. Faicom Retractable Hose ReelsFaicom Retractable Hose ReelsFaicom Retractable Hose Reels and Hoses, Compressed Air Hose Reels, Fuel Oil Hose Reels, Water Pressure Hose Reels.  Manual Hose ReelsManual Hose ReelsPA MTM Hydro and Comet Manual Hose Reels Low and High Pressure
High Pressure HosesHigh Pressure HosesHigh Pressure Hoses 1/4" 5/16" and 3/8". 1 and 2 Wire and Plastic Coated. 160, 210 and 400 Bar. 8m 10m 12.5m 25m 40m and 50m Lengths. Threaded, M22 and QR Fittings.  High Pressure Connection HosesHigh Pressure Connection Hoses3/8" High Pressure Connection Hoses