Hypro Hydraulic Driven Pressure Washers and Pumps Hypro Hydraulic Driven Pressure Washers and Pumps


Hypro's Hydraulically-Driven Pressure Washer can be installed on tractors with closed center and load sensing hydraulic systems, or on custom open center hydraulic systems. The required inlet conditions for the water pump can vary from the flooded suction of a water tank to pressure from a city water supply. The water supply must be capable of supplying more than 4.0 gpm of water flow to meet the pump requirements. The pump comes equipped with an unloader valve and bypass system rated for 2000 psi. When the trigger of the gun is in the OFF position, the unloader allows water to recirculate back through the pump. A thermal relief valve is included to keep the pump from over heating when it is in the bypass mode with the gun trigger in the OFF position.

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