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Suttner ST-60 Chemical Injector with ST-61 Metering Valve. Our popular ST-60 chemical injector paired with an ST-61 metering valve.

Suttner ST-61 Metering Valve. Allows for precision chemical mixture ratio, and connects to the chemical inlet hose barb of the ST-60/62/64/261 without special tools

Suttner ST-62 Adjustable Chemical Injector with Metering Valve. The ST-62 injector allows for water flow adjustment from the pressure pump. Features a Siphon rate of approximately 10:1. Includes Metering Valve.

Suttner ST-64 Upstream High Pressure Injector. If you like the way soap is applied at self serve car washes, this accessory is for you. It allows your pressure washer to apply soap the same way. The ST-64 injector is designed to introduce detergents into the water system upstream from the pump for high pressure application. An adjustment screw sets the orifice to the flow of your pump. The "on-off" plunger is then used to control the injection. When using this injector, the operator should consider the types of chemicals used. Pump damage can occur if acids or other harsh chemicals are used. Easy to install, use, and maintain.

Suttner ST-66 Dual Metering Valve. With the ST-66, chemical flow can be metered and shut off remotely from the injector. It's the industry standard for panel mount chemical metering valves.


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Suttner ST-60 Chemical Check Valve 200060725Suttner ST-60 Chemical Check Valve 200060725
Suttner ST-61 Metering Valve (No O-Ring) 200061500Suttner ST-61 Metering Valve (No O-Ring) 200061500
Suttner ST-61 O-Ring 050000370Suttner ST-61 O-Ring 050000370
Suttner ST-62 Adjustable Chemical Injector 200062500Suttner ST-62 Adjustable Chemical Injector 200062500
3/8" F-3/8" F
Max. 250 Bar / 60°C
1.6mm Orifice
Suttner ST-66 2 Way Metering Valve Black Top 200066500Suttner ST-66 2 Way Metering Valve Black Top 200066500Black Top
Suttner ST-66 Metering Valve Red Top 200066501Suttner ST-66 Metering Valve Red Top 200066501Red Top
Suttner ST-66 Metering Valve No Check Valve/ Knob 200066515Suttner ST-66 Metering Valve No Check Valve/ Knob 200066515Without Knob