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All Pumps Direct UK supply a wide range of pumps for all domestic, industrial and agricultural applications. Our range of pumps include submersible pumps for water or sewage drainage, submersible sewage pumps for sewage pumping stations, centrifugal surface mounted pumps for a wide range of applications, multistage and borehole pumps, diaphragm pumps for cleaning equipment and agricultural applications, gear pumps, hand pumps including ornamental cast iron garden pumps, high pressure pumps for pressure washers, pressure test pumps, marine pumps, roller vane pumps, fuel pumps for fuel and oil transfer, swimming pool pumps, pond and water circulation pumps.


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Borehole and Well PumpsBorehole and Well PumpsNocchi Dominator Borehole Pumps, Nocchi SMC4 Borehole Cartridges. Nocchi Pratika Pumps, Leader Deep Pumps,  Centrifugal PumpsCentrifugal PumpsNocchi, Pentax, GMP, Sea Land, Centrifugal Surface Mounted Pumps.
Diaphragm PumpsDiaphragm Pumps

Everflo Electric Driven Diaphragm Pumps, Flojet Electric Driven Diaphragm Pumps, Comet Agricultural Spraying Diaphragm Pumps, Patay Diaphragm Pumps. F.E.I.T. Electric Multi-purpose Diaphragm Pump.

Drinking Water Filter PumpsDrinking Water Filter PumpsReverse Osmosis Pump, filter pump removes contaminants to provide pure drinking water and drinking water filter hand pumps. Fountain PumpsFountain PumpsNocchi Versailles Fountain Pumps, Leader Ninphaea Fountain Pumps and Filter systems. Fuel Oil PumpsFuel Oil PumpsPiusi, Nocchi, Adam Pump, Sea Land, GMP Hytek Fuel Oil Pumps.
Gear PumpsGear Pumps

Marco Gear Pumps, Koshin Gear Pumps, GMP Gear Pumps, Hypro Gear Pumps, Renson Gear Pumps.

Hand PumpsHand Pumps

Ornamental Garden Cast Iron Hand Pumps, RP Rotary Hand Pumps, GMP Excar Semi Rotay Hand Pumps, Pacer Industrial Dispensing Hand Pumps, Koshin, Patay, Seaworld Hand Pumps.

High Pressure PumpsHigh Pressure Pumps

Interpump Pressure Washer Pumps, Interpump Industrial Pumps, Interpump Misting Pumps, Interpump Agricultrial Pumps, Hypro Piston Pumps, Hypro Hydraulic Driven Plunger Pumps, Pratissoli Industrial Pumps, Pratissoli Piston Pumps, Neron Hydraulic Driven Plunger Pumps. 

Machine Tool Coolant PumpsMachine Tool Coolant PumpsSperoni Machine Tool Coolant Pumps.  Marine Pumps & Boating EquipmentMarine Pumps & Boating EquipmentPatay Marine Diaphragm Hand & Foot Pumps, Submersible Bilge Pumps, TMC Submersible Low Voltage Pumps. Pressure Testing PumpsPressure Testing Pumps

Patay Pressure Testing Pumps, GMP Pressure Testing Pumps.

Progressive Cavity and Flexible Impeller PumpsProgressive Cavity and Flexible Impeller PumpsMono M Progressive Cavity and Mono Grifter Pumps. GMP Flexa Flixible Impeller Pumps. Jabsco Utility Flexible Impeller Pumps. Roller Vane PumpsRoller Vane Pumps

Hypro Roller Vane Pumps and Accessories.

Submersible Water and Sewage PumpsSubmersible Water and Sewage Pumps

Arven Flotec, GMP, Hyundai, Koshin, Leader, JS, Nocchi, Sea Land, SperoniTsurumi, Zenit Submersible Water and Sewage Pumps.

Submersible Water & Drainage Pumps (Spare Parts & Accessories)Submersible Water & Drainage Pumps (Spare Parts & Accessories)Nocchi Drenox Pumps, Omnia Pumps, Pratika Pumps, Koshin Ponstar PX, PXL & PB Pumps, JS Pumps JS & JST, RS & RST & RSD 400 Pumps. Swimming Pool PumpsSwimming Pool PumpsNocchi Swimming Pool Pumps and Replacement Spare Parts Traditional Vertical Sump PumpsTraditional Vertical Sump PumpsSperoni Traditional Vertical Sump Pumps.
Drum EquipmentDrum EquipmentDrum Taps, Self-Venting Drum Valve Couplers, Locking Drum Taps, Drum Cube Connectors, Drum Dolly, Tilting Drum Cradles, Fountain Pumps (copy)Fountain Pumps (copy)Nocchi Versailles Fountain Pumps