Marolex + 1500 Pressure Sprayer
Marolex + 1500 Pressure Sprayer
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Marolex + 1500 Pressure Sprayer 

Sprayer Master 1500 and 2000 Plus are small compression devices of 1,5 and 2 litres capacities. They are designed for protection and nurturing treatments on plants in home and garden. We also offer a more heavy-duty line - Master Viton for cleaning and disinfection. Note: The Viton seals are recommended for those wishing to use more aggressive chemicals.  

1.5L working capacity
1.6L total capacity
0.4 Lpm average liquid output
4 Bar max pressure
Polypropylene tank
BUNA seals
Adjustable atomising nozzle
Internal filter prevents blockages
130W x 310H, mm