Fuel and Lubrication Equipment Fuel and Lubrication Equipment

All Pumps Direct supply large amounts of lubrication and grease dispensing equipment. From air pumps and grease guns, to oil drainers and accessories.

We offer a wide selection of transfer pumps suitable with fluids ranging from greases and oils, to antifreeze and food Grade liquids. Some of the nozzles on offer are also suitable with various chemicals. All of this information will be stated on the individual product page.



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12V and 24V Battery Operated Fuel Transfer Pumps12V and 24V Battery Operated Fuel Transfer PumpsOur selection of battery operated transfer pumps range from a 12V submersible pump, perfect for fuel tanks, to our portable fuel tank with an integral 12V diesel pump. Most of our 12V fuel transfer pumps also come in 24V versions too. 110V  230V 415V Electric Fuel Transfer Pumps110V 230V 415V Electric Fuel Transfer PumpsOur AC transfer pumps are perfect for stationary locations with mains access. Whether you have a standard 230v 415v power supply or an 110v supply (perfect for construction sites due to the lower voltage being a safer option to use) we have an electric transfer pump that meets your requirements.  Semi Rotary and Rotary Hand Fuel Transfer PumpsSemi Rotary and Rotary Hand Fuel Transfer Pumps

Hand pumps are perfect for when a power source is unavailable or for when fuel is being dispensed in smaller quantities; for example, from drums

Air Operated Diaphragm Fuel Transfer PumpsAir Operated Diaphragm Fuel Transfer Pumps

All versions suitable with water, mineral oils, diesel & oils up to SAE 50.

ADP.60PV suitable with AdBlue® & antifreeze. - ADP.60AV suitable with waste oil.

Engine Driven Fuel Transfer PumpsEngine Driven Fuel Transfer PumpsPetrol and Diesel Driven Fuel Transfer Pumps Fuel Oil Hoses, Reels and ConnectorsFuel Oil Hoses, Reels and ConnectorsFuel Oil Hoses, Reels and Connectors Automatic Diesel Petrol and Adblue Fuel NozzlesAutomatic Diesel Petrol and Adblue Fuel NozzlesAutomatic Fuel Nozzles are suitable for use with electric pumps only. Manual Diesel Petrol and Adblue Fuel NozzlesManual Diesel Petrol and Adblue Fuel NozzlesManual Fuel Nozzles use with gravity feeds and electric fuel pumps, some with hand pumps.
Petrol and Diesel Fuel Flow MetersPetrol and Diesel Fuel Flow MetersFlow meters suitable with diesel, petrol, oil and other lubrication fluids. Particulate Filters, Diesel Filters and Fuel TestsParticulate Filters, Diesel Filters and Fuel Tests

Fuel Particulate Filters & conditioning products. Ranging from simple strainers & Filter Elements, to Mobile Filters & Transfer Units. We have everything you could need to help keep fuel contaminant free.

Air Operated Oil Pumps and KitsAir Operated Oil Pumps and Kits

Our air operated oil pumps come in a range of ratios for various viscosities of oil, from waste oil, to various high density oils as well.

Waste Oil Gravity DrainersWaste Oil Gravity Drainers

Our selection of oil drainers are perfect for draining any waste oil from a car engine, differential oil, or even gearbox oil.

Mobile Oil DispensersMobile Oil Dispensers

We offer a mobile oil dispenser to suit most applications & budgets.

Grease Dispensing Pumps and EquipmentGrease Dispensing Pumps and Equipment

Grease dispensing pumps, from air operated grease pumps, perfect for 12.5kg kegs, to mobile grease dispensers for use with 50kg kegs, as well as everything in-between.

Grease Guns and Oil NozzlesGrease Guns and Oil Nozzles

A variety of oil & grease guns ranging from cartridge/bulk fill to heavier duty air operated types. Our oil delivery nozzles are available with flexible spouts & digital meters to allow you to monitor oil dispensing.

Spill Kits, Absorbent Pads and Drain ProtectorsSpill Kits, Absorbent Pads and Drain Protectors

Spill kits suitable for Diesel, Petrol, AdBlue® & various other fuels & lubrication fluids. From simple absorbent pads that absorb oils & fuels whilst repelling water.